Thursday, October 20, 2011

Check in

It's been nine months since I started dieting, and I've been on a plateau for the last two or three months. Maybe even longer than that, actually. It's sort of hard to tell, since I'm still refusing to step on the scale.

You see, I'm dreadfully competitive. If I were to purchase a scale and use it, I would fixate on the number I saw there; I would weigh myself daily, and put the number in a spreadsheet. I would analyze it, and I would want to see results.

I can't do that to myself any more; it's not productive and it only serves to make me unhappy. But I know myself too well to think that I could make myself stop if I ever let a scale into my life.

How do I know I'm on a plateau? My clothes. My belt has been on the same notch for so long that it's starting to wear. I haven't needed to move down a size for quite awhile. I'm not gaining, so I'm not complaining.


But I would love to get off this plateau and lose the rest of the weight. Ideally, before my one year anniversary. But I'm not going to stress too much about it; I'm committed to living a healthy lifestyle, and I've been doling that. Instead of counting the pounds or the sizes, I'm keeping track of my exercise routines and staying away from the sugar.

I'm still at it so I'm calling this month a success.