Monday, December 31, 2012

New year, new word

And so it begins.

Tomorrow is a new year, full of new possibilities and new opportunities. A time for starting over, for making new promises, for doing things better; for making changes.

For the past several years, I've been picking a word at the end of the previous year that resonates with me; a word that I hope to keep in my mind throughout the coming year.

It's a good intention, but I can't say that I've really succeeded all that well yet. I tend to lose my focus and fall away from my inspirational word as the days go on. I blush to say that I don't even remember  what last year's word was; I can't tell you if I managed to use it or not. I hope I did; I'm sure it was a good one.

But hope springs eternal, and perhaps I will do better with this year's word. As you can see, it's joy. It came to me suddenly; I hadn't even starting thinking about what my word would be when it arrived. I'm hoping that's a good portent. I would like to have more joy in my life; it's one of those resolutions that is hard to argue against.

Unlike resolving to lose weight and exercise, resolving to be joyful is, well, a joyous thing. I'm aware that I will, no doubt, find more joy in my life if I continue to be healthy, so eating right and exercising aren't going off the table. Neither is work or play; both of those bring joy into my life. I'd like to add more music; it's one of those things that both scares and delights me. I'd like to lose some of my fears and enjoy it more.

So that's about it for now; with luck, I will remember to add joy to my life this year.