Monday, July 7, 2008

Thunderbird, up close and personal

In one of the more amazing coincidences, our hotel in Gallup, New Mexico is next door to Thunderbird Supply Company. I've been ordering from Thunderbird for quite awhile now; their prices are super and they are very reliable and fast. I've ordered small stones from them, but was reluctant to order larger stones without actually seeing them, touching them, and picking them out in person.

Today, I got to do just that!

I walked in, and just STARED. Case after case of stones; turquoise, coral, charoite, and more. Honestly, I was pretty overwhelmed. I went round and round the display cases, and finally settled on several freeform cabs of Kingman and Sleeping Beauty turquoise in gorgeous shades of blue, and two very nice pieces of charoite.

I think I just might go back tomorrow morning, though; I know I didn't see everything!

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