Sunday, April 11, 2010

Channeling the Baldwin Sisters

Does anyone else remember The Waltons? (First run on TV from 1972-1981)

"Good-night, John-Boy . . ."

signaled time for bed in our house, too. Even if it was too early to go to sleep, everyone felt compelled to call it a night when the Waltons did, though most of us stayed up to read or do homework, just like John-Boy. So why am I thinking of this now, some 30-40 years later?

Because I'm channeling the Baldwin Sisters.

I'm making Recipe. Nope, not whiskey; I don't have a still. But I have vodka, and I have loads of lavender and mint. I've been making extracts by soaking mint and lavender in vodka for two weeks and shaking them daily; (each in their own Mason jar, just like the ones the Baldwin Sisters used) and then, after two weeks, I mix the resulting liquors with simple syrups to make amazingly tasty liqueurs; and I'll be switched if I don't think of those two characters every time I mix up a new batch.

It's funny how stuff like that lingers in my mind.

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Stacie @ said...

LOL- Thanks for bringing back that memory Cindy...the recipe. ;-) Your concoction sounds yummy!