Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Eleven Months

Yes, it's that time again: Cookies, truffles, fudge, rich foods and champagne.




Egg Nog!

And my monthly check in. Yes, it's been eleven months of healthy eating for me, and this month is definitely the hardest one. I can't claim to be cookie-free . . . though I will say that I can count the number of cookies I've eaten on my fingers. I might need a toe or two before the month is over, but I won't need to borrow anyone else's hands or feet.

That's huge for me. Cookies have always been a major comfort and joy food source in my life; I love them. They're so easy to grab; they go from the jar to my tummy without a fork or a plate. Cookies are a combination of instant gratification and a trip back in time to a point when childhood was a blissful combination of butter and sugar. That might seem like a lot to ask of such a small morsel, but for me, they've always delivered.

It's a real shame about the fat, sugar and calories. Without those, cookies would be the perfect food.

I'll be cookie free-again in January. This month, I'll settle for enjoying them in moderation.

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