Sunday, August 8, 2010

Is that a window?

As I mentioned before, doors have been closing around me a lot lately. At first, I was upset about the changes; I failed "meets new situations with confidence" in kindergarten, and, although I've improved enormously since then, I do still find sudden change a bit upsetting. Especially when it comes roaring in at me, with anger, loud voices and a lot of drama.

Luckily, doors can also be closed quietly. Without drama, and without any noise. I can also close them myself. Quietly. Without drama.

Learning that, is a window opening.


Kristen said...

I missed the previous door post while on vacation but I am so there with you! I have wanted to turn that lock on so many occasions! One option I use it to put in a screen door to filter out some of the negative! I does sometimes work when you're just not ready to close the door completely.


Releases by Rufydoof said...

I like the screen door filter idea Kristen!

I feel like I am carrying lots of baggage at the moment and to be honest I feel like I am on a baggage carousel at the airport... going around and around and around.

I'd like to see a window open or least for the carousel to stop moving!!


Cynthia Newcomer Daniel said...

I love the screen door metaphor! It describes exactly what I want to do: keep the bugs out, but let the cool air in.

Hang in there, Karyn - I hope you find a way off the carousel soon!