Saturday, September 11, 2010

My room

Here it is; my very own studio. I love my new workbench; I have lots of drawers, and two separate work stations.

That means no more beads in the keyboard!

It also means that I get up and stretch more often, as I move from beading station to computer and back again. That's always been one of my biggest problems; I get involved in what I am doing, and I forget to get up and move around.

It's so nice to have room to spread out, and someplace quiet to go when I want to work. My family can cook, eat and watch movies without stumbling over me and my beads, and I can work in peace without being stumbled over.

It's a good thing.


Kokopelli said...

That looks good! Light colors, good lighting, much space. Perfect! Enjoy your new studio!

Danagonia said...

Gosh! Looks so neat and tidy, my workspace never looks like that :-(

Beadorigami said...

Awesome workspace! Tons of storage, plenty of room, and lots of natural light. Fantastic!

Anonymous said...

Hey, glad you finally got out from under the stairs. Looks like a great work area. I'm excited to start planning how my new room is going to be set up too. :)

Cynthia Newcomer Daniel said...

Yup, it's a wonderful place to work, and I don't have to drag everything out from the cupboard under the stairs when I want to get more beads! I'm not Harry Potter anymore!!! LOL!