Thursday, January 20, 2011

It's a plot

Or not.

I've been feeling fine about my weight, because I wear size 8 jeans. How bad could it be if I can wear a size 8? (No, I don't wear a size 8 top. I wear a medium, or sometimes even a large. But I'm able to rationalize that. I'm busty. That's okay, right?)

Well, yesterday I went to the doctor for a check up, and somehow I weigh more that I thought I did. Rather a lot more, actually. Nearly 30 pounds more. So I did some research and found out that the size four I wore 20-30 years ago would now be called a 0 or a 1. My size 8 is the equivalent of a size 12, back in the day.

Oh. My. Goodness.

How did that happen? I know how the weight happened; too much food and not enough dancing. But how did something as sacred as clothing sizes shrink so rapidly? It's not new; from the 1950s to the 1970s, a size 12 went down to a size 10. But it didn't stop there; sizes have dropped four more times in the past 30-40 years.

No wonder I've been able to wear the same size for so long, even though my old pants are too tight. And here I've been blaming the dryer. My jeans weren't shrinking, but the sizes were.

Time to shrink me, instead.


tinybeads2004 said...

Cynthia, I'm very much like you .... I also know where the weight has come from. do NOT like the size changes ... I think the clothing industry is trying to keep us clothed in innocence!

Kristen said...

OH I have known this for a while because I kept a favorite pair of jeans from back in the day and I fear they will never fit again!

Nicole Valentine-Rimmer said...

The whole size things annoys me it's harder to shop for clothes when sizing is so random!

MmeMagpie said...

Those jerky little...

I was just wondering about that a few days ago. I put on a 'spensive size two and it fit. I was flabbergasted. I haven't been that skinny of a twit for ten years.

Jeanne said...

Holy cow I didn't know that the garment industry was "fixing" sizes... geez. Sure does explain some things! Good luck on your endeavor to shrink yourself. I'm on the same one... willpower and frame of mind are tough to keep up for me. Certainly will be a challenge.


Bonnie said...

It is so hard to shop for clothes with all the different cuts out there. I currently have 3 sizes in the closet. All of which fit. Shopping is enjoyable but sometimes I feel like a packmule going into the dressing room with each item in a couple of sizes. Thank goodness those have grown with the times too!