Friday, January 7, 2011

My muse has been on holiday

Last week we went down to San Diego, and I think my muse kept going and ended up in Tijuana. She'd been sulking and refusing to work for most of December; she has not been herself for quite awhile, actually.

She needed a vacation, and I know better than to ask where she's been. There are some things that I'm just better off not knowing.

She's back now, and she brought me a new bangle idea to make up for her recent behavior. She knows I'm a sucker for bangles. I've finished one, and am working on writing the tutorial while I make another.

I haven't stopped to take photos; I haven't had time. I've been beading and writing pretty much constantly for the past two days. I will probably take pictures of the first one in a day or two, depending on how the beading and writing goes on the second one.

I'm having so much fun being creative again.


Kokopelli said...

At the beginning of my beading career I used to fear those "muse-free" moments, but now I enjoy them. Having no ideas in mind and feeling no need to create something makes me free for doing other things. And then start over again with fresh power and new ideas!

Kristen said...

I knew it wouldn't be gone long! Thanks so much for visiting my latest post I loved your comment!