Monday, June 18, 2012

Report from the Trenches: Week Five

My fifth week of work on my "Battle of the Beadsmith" piece is over; and I'm going to to do my best to give you a report without giving away any top-secret information. I can't release any photos, or give you any specifics of the design until the battle has actually begun and my photos are turned loose to joust in their first round. But, until then, here are a few thoughts and musings from the fifth week:

Five weeks work done already? How can that be? Only three more weeks to go? It doesn't seem possible. I'm making good time; I still have to finish embellishing it, make a final decision on the clasp and bead it; but, other than marveling at how quickly the time has passed, I'm feeling pretty good about my progress.

I met my goal from last week; I've added more color, and more darker beads. It's not as light as it was a week ago, but it still has a lightness about it. It's very densely woven; not entirely solid, but definitely not airy. It's the sort of piece that settles onto me. 

I have had so many second thoughts and panics about it; it's not a typical "contest" piece, and that's a bit scary for me. For all it's weight, it's not what I would call a big piece, and there's no bling. Not a crystal or rivoli or chaton; the closest thing to bling are accents of gold. There had to be gold beads in it; this has been my year of using gold, and I couldn't leave gold out of this one.

It's earthy. And, even though it doesn't use traditional beading, I was heavily influenced by Sioux beading - and, of course, by everything that is Sedona. This piece is a tribute to my circle of friends; to the peace and joy that you bring to my life every day, in person, and over the Internet. It's one of the most grounded pieces I've ever made; it has a calm presence, which is something I need in my life right now.

Beading is a touchstone for me; I can use it to create whatever I need. Right now I need to plant my feet firmly on the earth and know that despite everything, I am still standing strong. Another time I will fly; another time, I will soar. This piece belongs to the earth, and so do I.

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Sally Anderson said...

Very tempting and I'm really curious now! I love this teaser post because I love mysteries. Can't wait to see what you've made!

Marcia DeCoster said...

What a wonderful description. I too can't wait!