Sunday, June 10, 2012

Report from the Trenches: Week Four

My fourth week of work on my "Battle of the Beadsmith" piece is over; and I'm going to to do my best to give you a report without giving away any top-secret information. I can't release any photos, or give you any specifics of the design until the battle has actually begun and my photos are turned loose to joust in their first round. But, until then, here are a few thoughts and musings from the fourth week:

Beading was my refuge this past week; I needed to lose myself in the weaving, and I did. It's turning out to be a methodical, symmetrical piece; it's in exact opposition to the way my week went. I got a lot more done than I had any right to expect; the more things fell apart around me, the steadier my beadwork became. As it stands right now, it's probably the most even, symmetrical piece I've ever made.

It needs more work, of course; right now, there are too many light beads and not enough dark ones to balance the design. But I really wanted to work with light beads; I needed them this week. I ended up using them in a very repetitive design that will probably become the background for some beadweaving with darker beads; at least that's my best guess as to what will happen to it next week.

As of right now, I've reached a set-it-down-and-think-about-it point. I'm done with the light beads, I think; no guarantees, of course, but that's my feeling right now. Perhaps I will put them back in their tubes tonight and let the darker colors out. I'm feeling the need to wake up to a fresh bead board on Monday morning.

It's time to put this week behind me.

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Unknown said...

Cynthia, I teach bead work to the seniors in my town for free and as I am teaching them a new pattern after I get them started they look at mine and say, Hey wait what are u doing, yours doesn't look anything like mine, and I have to confess to them that I never follow the pattern as written I use it as a base and then take off from what ever direction the beads and my own colors take me and it looks totally different. They always want to learn what I do but I tell them it comes from the spirit and you have to release your inner beader. :)