Saturday, March 23, 2013

Heading into the unknown

The starting point for the Battle of the Beadsmith is rapidly approaching, and I'm beginning to think about what I want to make.

I don't draw out my designs, or plan in advance, but I do tend to have some sort of theme for my larger pieces; something that expresses how I feel, or what is happening in my life.

Last year, I was counting my blessings; I'd had some tough times, and was coming out the other side. I needed peace, and I spent my working time thinking about good friends, and about how much they meant to me. It was a time of quiet reflection, and I found the peace I needed.

This year, I think, it's about the journey. The road ahead, and the road behind me. There will be lace. And metal. And, of course, beads. Lots of beads. That's all I know right now, and I'm beginning to find the things I want and set them aside.

A lace-trimmed handkerchief. The inner workings of a watch. Thin gold lace yarn. A bag of baroque pearls. Crystals. Brass wire, wound into a coil, and hand-sawn into jump rings with my own hands. Steampunk. A future-fantasy with elements of the past.

Me: old enough to be an antique, but still dreaming about the future.


Marcia DeCoster said...

Sounds like just the outlines of a plan waiting to be filled in beautifully with your hands.....

Cath Thomas said...

you're never old if you let your soul speak. Which is something you do very well.

Kokopelli said...

Old? Who's old around here? :) So looking forward what you'll make.

Cindy Holsclaw said...

I recognize that tunnel... Sounds like a great plan! Can't wait to see the final piece :)