Friday, November 21, 2008

The sounds of silence

No traffic noises. No workmen talking, joking, laughing, singing, whistling. No radio, blaring a mixture of pop, rock, oldies, techno and rap, all in Spanish. Nothing but the soft click of my keyboard.

I'm here, all alone, at our new house. The tile has been laid; tomorrow they will come back to do the baseboards, but not until 9:00 am. After a week of hauling my sorry carcass out of bed before sunrise, 9:00 am sounds like a pretty sweet deal.

They're not quite done for the day; they've gone to haul the garbage out to the dump. They'll be back for their tools, so I'm waiting here to let them in, and then I'll lock up after them. I've just been walking around, admiring the gorgeous new tile, and enjoying, nay, exulting in the silence.

This is a very quiet house. I'm going to like that.

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Anonymous said...

What happened to you? Miss your updates, how's house coming?