Wednesday, May 5, 2010

How fiddly is too fiddly?

If you're a seed beader, it's pretty much a given that you like small, detailed work. But how small is too small? How detailed is too detailed? When does it cross the line from fun to just too fiddly?

I have to watch that one, because my answer is pretty much never. I love little beads; although I need a magnifying glass to see quite a lot of the work I do, I use it gladly. I like to work small. I'm also a big fan of little details. The more detailed the better; I don't care if it takes me hours to do an inch; if the results are cool, I'm so there.

I mention this, because I've started a project today that is definitely on the fiddly side. It's not that it's difficult; it's just one of those things where attention must be paid, and each stitch demands to be settled in the correct orientation before going on to the next. But the results are just so cool, I have to do it.

I'm trying to decide whether or not to write up a pattern for it; I'd have to put some sort of disclaimer in the description if I did. Yes, it's just that fiddly.

But cool. Oh, yes, it's very, very cool.


Releases by Rufydoof said...

Oh I would be willing to give 'fiddly' a go.

I think the most fiddliest thing I have created was my Ladies of Camelot amulet back which was hand embroidered in size 15 seeds. I tried 11s but just could not achieve the detail I desired so size 15 seeds it was. I did get half way (ok not even that far) through and think to myself 'what AM I doing'.

Can't wait to see what you are designing.


Kokopelli said...

When it is too fiddly? When you're not able to pass the needle through the beads. ;-)
I just discovered the possibilities of 15/0 (never ever thought I'd use them) and I love it. Plus I bought magnifiers!

Kristen said...

Oh yes please make a pattern fiddly is fine with me!

Maryanne said...

Very cool trumps fiddly in my book ;)! I've been accused of doing things that were too fiddly, but they were fun so I did them. And, loved them when they were finished! Looking forward to seeing what you're doing.