Monday, March 31, 2008


Yup, the idea that I had last night worked. I am very happily wearing a ruby and haf-persian 3-1 bracelet today. Silver and dark red; yummy. The rubies are small; about 4mm, and lightly faceted. Just enough to catch a small twinkle of light; not enough to overwhelm the maille.

That was the problem with most of my ideas yesterday; they all took attention away from the chain, like a naughty child in a kindergarten class. But these small rubies play well with the chain, they complement each other and neither makes attention getting plays for center stage.

Now for chain number two . . . hmm . . . I'm part of the way there, but not satisfied yet.

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Amanda's Designs said...

Hi Cynthia,

Greetings from Israel. I just happened to notice your link on the B&B forum, and decided to pay your blog a visit.
I have been reading through your thoughts and really enjoy your attitude towards your work.

It would be great if we couldbe in touch - and share some thoughts etc.

Hi Andre

How're you doing, you silent man?
Hope all is well with you. I've been working on making a lot of lower-priced items of jewelry to sell at 2 or possible3 sales I'll be having next week. (It's a good time for sales since it's just before a big Jewish holiday)

Look forwards to hearing from you.

Love A

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