Monday, March 10, 2008

Tribute to three special women

I realized today how fortunate I've been; I have had three very creative women who led, taught and encouraged me from the very beginning of my life. Today, I'd like to pay tribute to them and express my gratitude; I am so very lucky to have had all three of you.

My mother has always been my best cheerleader; she has found something nice to say about everything I've ever made, and she has always encouraged me to try new things. If they didn't turn out, oh well; it was a learning experience. Thanks, Mom, for teaching me to see the good in everything, and to (finally!) meet new situations with confidence.

My maternal grandmother was a true craftswoman of the old school; in addition to emphasizing the importance of technical skills, she taught me perseverance and objectivity. She always had her work to hand, and she worked every day of her life without fail. She recognized that the work stands alone, separate from the maker, and she never hesitated to rip things to bits and start over if it wasn't what she wanted it to be. Thanks, Grammy, for showing me humility, and for teaching me to refine my skills every day.

My paternal grandmother is still going strong at 101 years of age; she has always marched to her own drummer, and she always will. She gave me total freedom in her bead box, and encouraged me to listen for my own beat. Hers is the voice I hear when the work is whispering, "What if . . ." and I find myself taking a sudden left turn without ever looking back. Thank you, Grandma, for giving me the confidence to go where the work leads, and the courage to turn my back on what I thought I wanted to make in order to find what I ought to make.

I would not be what I am without you!

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