Friday, May 9, 2008

Dangerous liaisons

Making jewelry can be a painful process if one lets one's mind wander; especially in metal working. Fire, saws, hammers; all carry the possibility of injury and pain, and mistakes made in silver are very rarely recoverable My scrap pile runneth over. You may have noticed that there isn't much metal in the things I've been making lately! No, I haven't given up my liaison with silver; it's just been something that is a little too dangerous for me right now.

I've been driven to distraction.

Some good things, some bad things; it isn't all doom and gloom by any means. But my mind is full, and I've turned back to seed beads. Okay, there is a needle involved. And yes, I have stabbed myself with it on numerous occasions. But that's the worst of it, and (usually) there isn't even any blood involved.

Seed bead mistakes are rarely ever fatal. If I make a mistake, I can pull out the thread, sort out the beads and start over. That's a good metaphor for my life right now.

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