Sunday, May 11, 2008


I recently had occasion to butt heads with a young woman who believes that there is no such thing as absolute truth. She is very, very sure of that. Absolutely sure, in fact; she let me know in no uncertain terms that my belief in absolute truth is at best, naive, and, quite possibly dangerous to the development of my children. Let me be clear: I don't know what is true in most cases. I simply believe that there is an absolute truth in all situations, and we all should do our best to find it. We might never find it, but it's out there. It's like physics. We don't know exactly how the universe works; but we're not going to let that stop us from trying to find out.

Anyway, this young woman believes that truth is relative; she explained that we all form our own truths; that two mutually exclusive viewpoints can be equally true at the same time. She cited studies that proved how beneficial this belief is to people; she delicately informed me that people who don't come to see this truth are ignorant and, sadly, headed for bigotry, if they're not there already.

Turn the clock back 25 years and that was me! She used the same brilliant explanations I'd used; experienced the same frustration I'd experienced when confronted with a person of faith. And there I sat, using the same non-argument that had so annoyed me quarter of a century ago:
I don't know what Truth is, but I believe it's there.

God has a wonderful sense of humor.

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