Monday, September 15, 2008

Making lace

While waiting for all my beautiful new colors of beads to arrive, I decided to do a totally monochromatic piece; a colorless piece, in fact. I'm using only shades of off-white; freshwater pearls and pearly seed beads. I've dusted off my needlelace skills, and have worked a lace motif for the centerpiece of the necklace.

I've really enjoyed working on it; it's very different from, and yet very similar to, traditional needlelace. This necklace belongs to a bride; I'm not sure it would suit anything other than a wedding dress. It's a very romantic necklace. I'm nearly done with it; I'll most likely finish it tomorrow.

It needs an ornate clasp, and I'm too tired to start one just now. Besides, my new pretty colors won't come until Wednesday; I'll need something to do tomorrow.

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