Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Playing with fire

I picked up my torch today; it's been a long time. Nothing major, just a little pendant with a 3mm amethyst; it's been even longer since I've set gemstones. It showed. I've lost my touch, and I very nearly lost a very nice little amethyst in the process. Luckily, I found it when it went shooting out form under my fingers, and I managed to get it set . . . eventually.

I've been working on a contest piece with my beads; it's a fun piece, but it has been taking quite a lot of my time. I may have finished it this morning; I like it, but I'll reserve judgement until I've slept on it. I may photograph it tomorrow and see what the camera shows.

To celebrate, I hammered some wire, fired up my torch, and finished a pendant in one afternoon. After spending countless hours weaving beads into a fabric, it was fun to make something so quickly.

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