Sunday, September 27, 2009

Who can resist a sale?

Not me! A local nursery put its shrub roses on sale; $12 each, or, if you buy three or more, $10 each. Of course I bought more than three; I bought seven.

But the best part? Six out of my seven roses were David Austin roses. These aren't ordinary roses; they have the form and fragrance of the old roses that I adore, but they are remontant. That's a fancy word that means that they bloom again. And again. And again and again, all through spring, summer and fall in this part of the world.

I had old roses in my New York garden; they were the only roses that the deer didn't gobble up, and even the Japanese Beetles didn't find them attractive. They were glorious for a couple of weeks in June; they were worth it for that. But I missed having a long season of roses; they were finished far too quickly.

Now I've got the best of both worlds.

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