Thursday, September 3, 2009


My arms hurt. We had five cubic yards of mulch delivered this morning, and my son and I moved most of it. On the plus side, our yard looks wonderful; we covered up the areas the gophers had disturbed, mulched around the trees, finished off the much-maligned side yard, and refreshed the mulch in the front yard.

I used the wheelbarrow to get to the hard to get places, and my son filled up the tractor cart and went wherever the tractor fit. Fortunately, most of our paths are very wide, and the tractor fits nicely almost everywhere. I had to repair the gopher damage in the flower beds, of course, and I was the good mulch fairy in the front yard, dancing around, sprinkling a thin layer on top of the existing mulch.

Well, okay, I wasn't really dancing.

It was hot, and for this area, fairly humid. Nothing by New York standards, of course, but even we had to admit, yup, it's hot and humid today. I think we've got just enough mulch remaining to fill in the areas that haven't been finished yet.

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