Friday, September 18, 2009

Chili and Beads

It's been a busy day today. This morning I realized that I simply must pick my peppers; they were ready. And so I started picking; I went back in the house to dump my bucket, and then picked another bucket full. I ended up with a paper grocery sack filled with peppers.

Even for me, that's too many peppers.

But I've used a bunch today; I'm making a few gallons of chili sauce. Putting peppers through the juicer is exciting, let me tell you! Sort of like being sprayed with a low dose of pepper spray. I got rather choked up over it, to tell the truth. Luckily I could alternate peppers with tomatoes to clear the air.

I put the juice (less a liter of tomato juice that will be used for Bloody Marys tonight), the pulp, and some sliced peppers into a very large pot and it's simmering on the stove. While it's simmering, I'm beading. When I need a break from beading, I'll put the sauce in jars and seal them.

Chili and cornbread this winter!

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