Sunday, September 13, 2009


We're having more work done; the hardscaping this time. We're putting concrete in two areas of the backyard so that we will have a place for grilling, eating, and general sitting about. In order to make the new patios slope properly for drainage they had to move quite a bit of dirt; they've used the excess to make the upper side of our yard a bit wider.

It's made a huge difference. The proportions are so much better; I feel like Capability Brown on a very small scale. Earth sculpting is magical! We now have a sensed of journey to the back and left of the property. I want to plant the edge of our new ridge with a curving line of small trees, perhaps pistachios. I just have to check where the shade will lie; it wouldn't do to shade the vegetable beds. They've been magnificent producers, and I think being in full sun is one of the reasons why they've done so well.

Of course, this means that the irrigation system will have to be expanded.

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