Monday, January 4, 2010

Should it stay or should it go?

When I'm experimenting, that's the question of the day. Today I've been playing around with a pattern from Bead Origami. It's her Disco Ball pattern, and in a stunning display of New Year's contrariness, I actually made an entire beaded bead, following the directions exactly.

Okay, in the interests of honesty, not quite exactly. I got off track a couple of times, and ended up exiting the wrong bead; instead of ripping it out, I compensated. I know the stitches well enough to get back on track without starting over. But the important part is that the bead came out looking exactly like the one in her picture.

I can follow directions!

So, flushed with success, and full of resolution, I began another one. Alas, this time I got to the end and realized that I didn't like my color choices. The white pearls completely overwhelmed the earthy green and bronze seed beads I was using; the beaded bead looked like a field of daisies.

Now that's not all bad; just not what I wanted. I just finished a floral piece, and I don't want to do another one right now. So now I have to choose: rip it all out, or embellish it. I chose to embellish it, thereby making my direction-following experience a solitary one.

Ah, well.

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Candy Tutt said...

Been there... =:~O My decision is usually influenced by the length of time and amount of materials invested...