Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Stop and plant the roses

The bare root roses I ordered from David Austin's English roses arrived today; of course, it's raining, so I can't plant them yet! But at least this week it isn't supposed to rain all week; in fact, tomorrow it is supposed to clear up. So tomorrow I will go to the garden center and stock up on manure and compost; then I can plant.

Right now, they are reposing in the laundry room sink; loosely wrapped in a plastic bag that has a bit of water in the bottom of it. I want to keep their roots cool and moist until I can get them into the ground. They are lovely big plants, with well-developed roots, and I'm expecting big things from them this year.


Ruth Ann said...

You must live in the city! We get our cow manure from the field across the street and our horse manure from the field beside us. We have a huge compost pile down by the fence.

I wish we were here so we could share it with you!

Ruth Ann

Cynthia Newcomer Daniel said...

Me, too! We've only just started our compost heap in this house so it will take awhile before I have enough.

No cows, though. That I will have to continue to buy!