Friday, March 12, 2010

Digging it

As you may remember, our garden started out as a field. We have been working on making it into a garden; hubby built four large raised beds for vegetables, and I dug out a large border and planted a small orchard of fruit trees.

This year, we're tackling the hillside. On one side of our property, we have a steep hill about 20 feet high that goes the entire length of the property. We've cleared the third nearest the house, and have planted it with native plants. The remaining two thirds I seeded with lupine; they are fighting it out with the grasses, and mostly winning. I'll toss out more seed next fall.

I've discovered that planting on a hillside is an amazing workout. I have to brace myself so that I don't slide down the hill, and work the shovel at the same time. Somehow that seems to take every muscle I have, and a few that I don't have.

I'm gonna be buff.

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