Saturday, March 20, 2010

The heart wants what it wants

. . . and so do my beads. After spending a few days spinning my wheels, trying stuff out, and taking it to bits again, I went back to my first thought.


I was avoiding it, because fringe is a rather controversial element in beading. People either love it or hate it; there doesn't seem to be much middle ground. If this wasn't a contest piece, there would have been no question about it; I'd have gone directly for the fringe and not mucked around with anything else.

However, I just wasn't sure if fringe was a good idea for this contest; if the judges are fringe-haters, then I'm sunk. But the beads want what the beads want and these beads wanted fringe. They also wanted a rather large boulder opal as a dangle; this is a very demanding bunch of beads. I've given them what they wanted, and we're both happy now.

Okay, guys; what do you want for a clasp?

I'm listening.

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