Thursday, October 7, 2010

I always do things the hard way

It's a funny thing about designing; the first time I do something, it's like pulling teeth. No matter where I start, I always manage to find the hardest way to do it.

Take this little bit of beading.

I'm quite sure that I have found the most difficult and stupid way to assemble it; I will definitely not do it that way again. Can we say tangled thread, bits sliding off and a general mess, not once, but several times? However, by the time I've tinkered with it a few dozen times, I am quite sure that I will magically hit on a simple way to assemble it that is completely unknown to me right now.

How do I know this?

Because it happens every time. The instructions I write up skip all the stupid bits; they make it look easy. But actually, I go through quite a lot of beading contortions before I figure out an easy way to do something. I always seem to start the hard way; I don't know why that is, but it is what it is.

Cue Tina Turner . . . only backwards. I start rough, but I finish nice and easy.


Kristen said...

Boy I can't wait to see the easy way of putting that one together! It is cool to say the least

Releases by Rufydoof said...

Lol - all the frustration aside I think i looks great! I'll be looking forward to the easier version!!!


Mikki said...

Oh yeah....I relate. When you sit down and illustrate the bead paths look so much easier....I find myself saying "Duh" a lot when I'm illustrating :)

Cynthia Newcomer Daniel said...

I've come up with a MUCH easier way, so this one will be allowed to continue!