Saturday, October 9, 2010

Pioneer Day, 2010

It's Pioneer Day in Paso Robles, where the slogan is, "Leave your pocketbook at home."

That's because everything you want is free today; if what you want is a parade and a bowl full of baked beans. You can have a pot or a kettle full of beans if you bring your own pot or kettle - no charge - and the parade lasted for two hours this year, so that should be plenty of entertainment to satisfy anyone.

In the parade we had tractors, horses, kids, roller derby, more tractors, marching bands, scouts, lodges, shriners and more tractors. There were so many people in the parade, it was amazing that there was anyone left to watch it. I think the whole town turned out, however, and the sidewalks were packed. We found some nice seats on the curb and had a wonderful time.

After the festivities, we decided to indulge in a visit to a winery; that wasn't free, but the tasting fee was applied to our purchase, so now we have some lovely new wines to enjoy at home.


Danagonia said...

Sounds like a lot of fun :-)

Beadorigami said...

Sounds great! Care to share which winery you went to? I'm much more familiar with Northern California wines, so I'd love to hear your recommendations for Paso Robles.

Cynthia Newcomer Daniel said...

I think there are close to 200 wineries in our area - we are hitting them one by one, but since we only go once or maybe twice a month, lol, it's going to take us years to hit them all!!

Yesterday, we went to Pear Valley; it was very nice, and Sculptura is another favorite - as much for the art as the wine in that case!