Friday, October 29, 2010

say what?

There's something in the air today.

It started this morning, when my husband read his horoscope. It said that he would, "radiate contentment and anger." We had a good laugh over that one; I mean, how is that possible? How can anyone be content and angry at the same time?

Later events (fortunately not on the part of my husband, he is his usual self today!) made me realize that such an odd combination can, indeed, be possible. I have an acquaintance who is a drama queen. She stages fortnightly events that are most likely for the purpose of making her feel reassured; she has a huge tantrum, calls everything unfair, claims everyone is against her, and, by the end of it, everyone is trying to comfort her.

She appears to be quite content with her anger. I'm not. I'm tired of the drama; I'm worn out by her angry words. I'm sorry she's upset; it's too bad that she's unhappy. But - and this is a big but - her dissatisfaction doesn't give her the right to mess with my mind on what has become a fairly regular basis.

I'm all there when my friends need me, but I'm tired of having that need manufactured. That's a big step for me. Like I said in the beginning, there's something in the air today.

Breathe deeply.

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