Wednesday, October 27, 2010


We took an unscheduled trip; we hopped in the car and ended up in Sedona. I think I love unplanned trips the best; it's fun to just head out and end up wherever we end up.

Of course, it doesn't always work out when we do that, but this time everything went perfectly. Our hotel was at the base of one of the wonderful red rock formations, and we enjoyed taking the hiking trail that started just outside our room. We also enjoyed gallery hopping and shopping.

We had to scrap our plans to stay in Flagstaff, however, as they were expecting snow. We remember snow, and we'd like to keep it a memory! Sedona was lovely and warm with gorgeous thunderstorms in the late afternoon; it was so much fun to watch them roll in over the hills.

It's an interesting time in our lives; we've only got one of our kids left at home, and he's barely here between his active social life and full-time job. I miss them, but it's fun to be able to take off at a moment's notice, too. I bought some gorgeous beads in Sedona; once I've finished the piece I'm working on, I'm going to make myself a necklace.

Red rocks, and stormy skies.

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Amy Allworth said...

I LOVE Sedona! In my youth (30 or so years ago!) my grandparents lived there and my family visited every year. It is a wonderful place to visit and I can imagine the bead bonanza there must be great!!!