Saturday, August 25, 2012

gratitude is an attitude

Harriman State Park, Photo by Cynthia Newcomer Daniel

For those who might not know, we make our living as property managers; art and music are what we love, but neither of them pays the bills. Nine days out of ten, the property management gig is an easy one, but when it's hard, it's very, very hard. The past couple of weeks have been full of very hard days; we had to evict someone, and they left the property in very bad shape.

Cleaning, painting and general repairs are to be expected; three months worth of uncollected garbage and never a spill wiped up, wasn't. Nevertheless, that's what they left us with; it's our job, and we've been doing it. It's just dirt, and, with a lot of scrubbing, we're getting it clean again.

But not without aches and pains. I've been working out for over a year, and I thought I was in pretty good shape; scrubbing walls, appliances, and floors for hours on end every day has shown me that there are muscles I wasn't using. I'm actually too sore to bead today; my hands won't hold the needle without complaining bitterly.

I wanted to have a tantrum; really and truly, I did. I wanted to lie down on the floor, pound my fists on the carpet and start kicking and screaming; but I'm too sore to do that, so I just moaned a bit and felt very sorry for myself. And then, I got to thinking.

This is a very temporary condition; it's one day out of ten in my life. The other nine, I'm strong and healthy and I don't have major aches and pains. This is the day that pays for what I love; this is the day that allows me to be an artist the other nine. For this one day, I can work in spite of the aches and pains. For this one day, I can let go of my complaints; I can be grateful that days like these buy me the time to create and do what I love.


Callie Mitchell said...

So true. And as soon as you're able sit down and quietly return to your creative passions, all the pain and aggravation will melt away. You'll know you've earned your time with those beads, with your garden, and with the ones you love. Hope life gets back on track soon!

Patrick said...

What a wonderful attitude you took on Cynthia in your tired and pain riddled body.

Marsha Wiest-Hines said...

A most excellent attitude, Cynthia. Bravo! I spent the month of July cleaning up after an alcoholic hoarder. Don't think I was nearly this graceful!

Sally Anderson said...

I love your attitude! Sometimes I get mired in the pains and aches I have all too often. I try to ignore them but I like the idea of thinking of them as payment for something earned. Yes, a very good way of thinking. Thanks for that!

Pat de Verre said...

Wow! It is so true but not so easy to be positive when you are into "crisis".
Would we appreciate in their just value the good moments and the beauty of life if we did not have to face wrong moments and the ugliness of the world? Certainly no. Your attitude is of a big wisdom.
I came to visit your blog by chance today and I don't regret it.
Keep cool and carry on my dear Cyndi