Monday, August 20, 2012

With a little help

The bracelet is nice, but the pendant - even though it's not finished - is going to be better, and I have my friends to thank for that.

As I was working on the bracelet, I remembered Marcia turning one of my bracelets around, masking off part of it with her hand, and impishly saying, "pendant."

She was right, and I'd never thought of doing that. Now I do; and while I was making the bracelet, I was constantly turning it and looking for the pendant.

I found it.

And once I found it, I started thinking of other friends. I imagined Peter telling me to add a Navrette, and I told him to sod off, as I remember how how many needles he broke beading around them, and I'm not going there. I compromised on a rivoli, and promised to hang it from a St. Petersburg chain.

Nancy has seen the bracelet in all stages, and has been my sounding board and best friend every inch of the way for well over a year now.  It doesn't matter that we live on opposite sides of the country and may never meet in person; she knows me through and through and loves me anyway. The pendant has dark green in her honor; and pink because I'm a stinker.

Linda is always a voice in my mind - reminding me to keep playing with beads, to push past my fears, to take risks and be authentic. And I love her because she's a stinker sometimes, too.

Cath has the best profile picture ever; her positive outlook and daily messages of hope and joy make me glad to be alive. She's a rainbow of beads even on the cloudiest of days.

And Steve and Bonnie? They bring the music. What would life be without music?


Kristen said...

All I can say is my friend you are so loved!

Cath Thomas said...

awwww, sweet you, I wish I had read this earlier, your wonderful words would have brightended my day even. I had a hard morning... I found back copies of letters from my mom to her brother, full of love, sometimes bitter-sweet sentiments, but full of poetry and love for nature, beauty and family. I got a bit emotional so you are the one bringing the light and the good vibes back to me today. Thank you !!! Much love dear friend!!!

Sally Anderson said...

How lovely is this post! It's possible to feel your heart by reading this -- and your heart is singing with joy and love. How awesome is that?!