Saturday, June 7, 2008

A crazy quilt life

This has been an interesting year; almost nothing has gone the way I thought it should. It has been a year of letting go on so many fronts; letting go of expectations, plans, and fears; it has also been a year of finding the things that really matter. Family. True blue friends. The strength and power of love and hope.

Things have, at times, seemed very, very dark. Darker than I thought possible. There were times when I did not know how, or if, I could go on. But I did. It's been a very difficult year.

Today, the piece I am working on transformed itself into a crazy quilt; not just any quilt, but the quilt that has been passed down, and stitched, by my great-grandmother to my grandmother, to me. There is room yet for a few stitches by my daughter. I hope she will want to leave her mark on the crazy quilt of our lives.

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