Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Packing it in

First thing you need to know: I'm getting punchy. We've been packing for several days now, and I swear, the plastic organizer boxes full of junk are breeding. No, I'm not delusional; well, maybe I'm a little bit delusional; but they definitely outnumber us. And they are filled, or semi-filled, with the craziest things.

We are moving cross country, from New York to California, so we really don't want to pay to move anything we don't want or need. Unfortunately, that requires going through everything and deciding what to do with it. Keep or toss?

Guess which category most things seem to be falling into?

Yup, most of it is stuff we neither want nor need. How did that happen? Well, time is part of it. That, and having a rather large storage area. Instead of getting rid of the things we'd lost interest in, or outgrown, they were sentimentally put into . . . plastic organizer boxes.

But they've met their match. I've emptied them all. If there are more in there tomorrow, then I'm not delusional: they are breeding.

I knew it all along.

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