Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Click your heels, Dorothy

I went looking for someone else to be today, but I didn't find anyone I wanted to take home. I went into a craft store and found all sorts of new people; I could take up paper mache, make cute bracelets with metal scrapbooking sayings, photograph my jewelry on exciting new backgrounds, or embroider with linen thread. All of those things were really tempting; I would like, on some level, to be the sort of person who does those interesting things, and all it would take would be a few dollars in supplies. But, after walking the entire store and thinking about being someone who makes cute little Christmas ornaments or stunning silk flower displays (I could put a stem of faux orchids in the pot where the real ones are getting crispy!) I decided I was better off not adding anything new to my repertoire and I bought a packet of beading needles. Using my 40% off coupon, natch. How me is that?!?!?

Then I walked down the way to a discount store, and I thought I might be the sort of svelte woman who tames her tummy with a nice little tummy smoother type of undergarment. But either they were out of my size, or there are bigger tummies out there wanting taming. Alas, I am not destined to be sleek. Nor am I up to giving heels another go; I can't even really fantasize any more about making my legs look longer with a gorgeous pair of high-heeled pumps. The reality is, I just don't have that kind of balance any more. Or that kind of lifestyle.

So I hit the grocery store and came home.

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