Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Entropy and order

Only half-jokingly, I told someone the other day that my beads do not want order, they want entropy. I have to really fight to make an orderly piece; symmetry is not in my nature. But sometimes I flirt with it. The piece I am working on right now has the appearance of symmetry, but it's a very rough symmetry. The shapes are not exact on each side, they are not quite in the same position, and the stitches most definitely do not match. I don't like to count when I bead.

Now some of you may have noticed that I did bead a perfectly symmetrical, and yes dadgummit, COUNTED piece just this past weekend. But it was a real stretch for me, and not in my nature at all. I'm glad I did it; I really like the stitch I learned in order to make it, but I've thought of nothing since but how to deconstruct it and make it dance for me.

Entropy. Yeah. That's my style.

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