Monday, December 22, 2008

The more things change . . .

. . . the more we look for ways they remain the same. Although it is later than usual, our Christmas decorations are up. The tree is filled with all of our old favorites; the ones the kids made, the ones we bought over the years, the ones that decorated our little tree the Christmas we lived in London. The stockings are hung; the singing Christmas tree from Aunt Diana is ready to surprise visitors; and the same shepherds are watching their sheep as the wise men approach the stable in our nativity.

Everything is in a new place, but they are all good places. A few things have not been unpacked; they will wait for next year. We just didn't have time to find everything. But we have time to make cookies, and we have time to remember all the Christmases that we have spent together.

We will remember this year as the year we unpacked the Christmas ornaments before we unpacked anything else.

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