Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Bead weaver . . .

Yup, that's me today. All day with the beads; I had an idea for a new weave and I could not stop until I figured it out. Along the way, I wrote a tutorial for a bracelet that uses my new weave, and I attached my button clasp to it.

It's such a nice, soft, weave; it feels good on my wrist. It's one of those that I just can't stop petting. Beads are so tactile; they are smooth, but a little bit bumpy, and I think I like to touch them as much as I like to look at them.

A friend of mine calls this need to fondle beadwork the, "Beader's handshake." It's hard to resist reaching out to a piece of beadwork; it's one of those things that just wants to be touched.

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