Monday, June 15, 2009

YAY for Sprinklers!

Our last raised bed is now on the irrigation system. It's a good thing; watering by hand gets old very fast. Our veggies are growing by leaps and bounds; the seeds I planted last week have gone from sprouts to plants with true leaves. It looks like pretty much everything is coming up; we've got beans and squash from seed, and loads of other things put in as transplants.

We harvested our first strawberry yesterday; we rushed it a little bit, it was not at its peak of sweetness, but we wanted to eat something from our own ground, and it was good. My Hungarian peppers are starting to turn yellow; they will be ready to pick very soon. We have many little green tomatoes; it is such fun to watch them grow.

In other news, the retaining wall is proceeding apace. When they dug the foundation out, they bisected a gopher hole (of course!) and the gopher spent some time watching them. It was quite funny; the gopher looking at the masons who were looking right back. Mr. Gopher got the last laugh, though; he pushed out quite a mountain of dirt onto the new footings for the wall.

The masons removed his little mountain and built part of the wall today; it will be interesting to see if Mr. Gopher has any more tricks up his sleeve.

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