Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Left turn!

I do seem to take a lot of those.

I've had a challenge piece simmering for over a month now . . . not heating up, not cooling off, just sitting there tantalizing me. The deadline is rapidly approaching, and I'd all but given up on it. Instead, I've been making lace, and that's gone rather well, so I can't complain, really; but that going-nowhere-fast challenge piece was bugging me.

Then today, I saw a fabulous beaded bead tutorial by Bead Origami called Double Bubble Jacks Beaded Bead and my own challenge pot started to boil.

How fast can you say "ordered it?"

I've already made one, and this is EXACTLY what I needed to meet this challenge! The time is very short, though; I may not get it done. But you know me; that matters far less than finding the way the project wants to go.

That's the cool part.

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