Sunday, June 7, 2009

Godzilla of the Gophers

Yup, that's me! Yesterday, we spent the whole day working in the garden; I nearly finished digging out the main part of where we'll be planting our mixed border. Along the way, I found more than a few gopher tunnels; I remorselessly dug them out.

I would really appreciate it if the gophers would move on, and I'm doing what I can to encourage that. I have sprinkled the areas I want to plant with some stuff that they are supposed to find offensive; I'd really rather not kill them. I'd just like to use part of my yard for planting. They can have the rest.


That is totally unrealistic, I know; they want it all. We'll probably have to resort to sterner measures to convince them to move on, but I'd like to think that putting out stinky stuff and cutting off their tunnels will keep them in their part of the yard.

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