Monday, June 7, 2010

It's finished! (maybe)

I finished it yestereday (unless I decide to make some changes, of course) and installed it, but by the time the cement had cured, and the last leaf was put in place, the light was gone and I couldn't take any photos. So, this morning, I got up at dawn and took these. The first photo is looking east. I've placed it on a ridge in our backyard; we've got multiple levels, so it's not on the highest ridge, but it does command a good bit of sky when I'm down below it, as in this photo.

It's a kinetic sculpture; the leaves act as little sails and the entire top part whirls around when there's a stiff breeze. It's very capricious; sometimes the least little puff will move it, and other times, it resists. But when the wind is coming from the right direction, and the sails catch it, it really gets going.

It's made from copper; copper pipes from the plumbing department, and copper sheet which I chased and dapped to form the leaves. I wanted to give it a more organic feel, so I added some wire-wrapping; as far as I'm concerned, there's no reason why outdoor sculpture can't be considered garden jewelry. The little light fixture at the top is a solar light; it was fun watching it from my bedroom window last night. As the sculpture spun around, the light winked and danced.

In the last picture, I took the photo facing west, from the top of the ridge looking out across the valley to the mountains. It's a beautiful spot; we have a pair of lounge chairs off to the left of this picture on the same ridge as the sculpture. I love to sit out there and enjoy the view.


Kristen said...

Absolutely perfect! I love this! I knew it would turn out awesome! And the view... WOW!

Kokopelli said...

Great work! And of course it is garden jewelry! :-) Love the view, too.

Maryanne said...

Fantastic! I love garden art and I think it is jewelry!

Stacie @ said...

I love it! Absolutely fantastic!