Thursday, June 17, 2010

No more PTA

My youngest graduated from High School this year.

The school calendar is officially none of my business anymore; I no longer need to know when school starts or what time the bus arrives, and did the route change from last year? No more frantic runs for school supplies that weren't on the list and are sold out at every store within a 20 mile radius, and no more calls asking me to find something under the bed and bring it in right now to keep a kid from failing one subject or another.

It's amazing how many final grades over the years have come down to a poster that was stored under the bed.

No more Back to School nights, Open Houses, teacher conferences, and calls from an automated system that says, "Your student was absent one or more periods today," that always seem to come to our house by mistake, or so I've been told. It's amazing how many teacher seem to have trouble taking attendance.

But never mind all that; the truant officer never actually came to our door, and all three of our kids have high school diplomas.

Life is good.


Kristen said...

Congrats and I am jealous (sort of) Try this my Shelby will graduate next year then my Derek will start Kindergarden the following year!

Cynthia Newcomer Daniel said...

Whoa! You're even further apart than we are!!! But not by much ;-P Our oldest was a senior when our next one was in kindergarten . . . though, come to think of it, our youngest did start kindergarten when the oldest was in his second year of college!!!

It's been a long, strange journey . . . .

Kristen said...

Yes it is but yet so much fun!