Sunday, July 11, 2010

My garden

Here's a photo of three of our four raised beds; I'm standing on the hill, looking down on them. Everything is growing like mad; it is so much fun to grow so much of our own food. Last night we had the first of the corn; it was so sweet and good.

Of course, one problem with a garden is that when it's ripe, it's all ripe. Today we picked a bushel or so of peaches; we'll be making everything we can think of that includes peaches for the next few days. There are still some left on the trees; we'll have another big picking and then they will be gone until next year.

Harvesting from the garden is different than harvesting from the grocery store.


Kokopelli said...

Oh yes, I can't remember how m uch salad I ate over the last few weeks. But it is so good to grow my own food!

Kristen said...

So pretty! Ok remember the meticulous post? Yeah you got that down it makes my little 8x8 garden look pathetic! Have fun eating! Oh and peach pie is one of my personal favorites!