Thursday, July 8, 2010

Our little friend

Last month, in my post Wild Things, I told you about our new friend, RJ.

He's a scrub jay, and he's very friendly. It took awhile, but he now trusts us enough to land on our laps and take peanuts from our fingers. He likes to hide his treats in the garden; he will actually lift mulch in his beak and arrange it so that the ground looks undisturbed; he's very particular about his cache. Luckily, the peanuts are roasted; otherwise, I'm sure we'd be having them growing all over the place.

He's a greedy little thing; he'll fly back and forth as long as we keep handing him peanuts. When I'm working in the garden, he'll fly over to where I am and scold me; he's firmly convinced that my purpose in life is to feed the bird.

I'm likely to agree, some days.


Kokopelli said...

He's very cute! And he almost has a catlike behavior. Cats also believe, that the "tin-openers" (aka humans) are only there to feed them.

Kristen said...

Shelby and I are soo jealous! I have a robin that comes back every year and he does 'talk' to me but he hasn't come any closer than 2 feet!
What a lucky girl you are!

Must Create said...

I think I might have been able to get closer to a Stellars Jay if I could have stayed in the cabin a few more days. Had to home way too soon.
I'm jealous too