Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Waiting for windows

When a door closes, a window opens.

We've all heard that one before, and it's very comforting to think that an opportunity is waiting for us when we lose something. I've been watching doors close lately; don't get me wrong, they're doors that need to close, but they're doors that I didn't want to close myself. It's scary to close doors, sometimes, even when they need to be closed.

I'm learning the difference between closing them nicely, slamming them, and leaving them off the latch. So far, I've resisted the temptation to turn the lock behind the door-slammers; the doors may be closing, but I don't really want to lock them. Okay, in the moment of slamming, I would love to turn the lock with a flourish, but I'm resisting that moment of evil satisfaction. They're all doors I wouldn't mind seeing open again some day, and I don't need to contribute to the negativity.

Of course, the rooms beyond them will no doubt undergo a redecorating project while their doors are closed. I may not even recognize them when the doors open again. That's okay. I'll be doing some redecorating on my side of the wall, too.


Kokopelli said...

Love your post! On my side of town there are some doors that always remain open, if only just a little. But I still wait for a window to open (or shall I throw a stone to "help" the process of opening).

Maryanne said...

I have a door that needs to close, but I'm reluctant to do it. There are a variety of reasons why I'm reluctant, but I admire the courage it takes to close a door like that and wait for the window to open.