Monday, September 17, 2007

More adventures with Jens Pind

Small, medium and large were not enough! I had to try doubled, which I love, and working a bead into the middle of the chain, which is pretty cool, especially from a technical standpoint. It wasn't easy, but I like the way the bead just floats there. That one also features two different sizes of chain in the same bracelet.

So am I Jens Pind-ed out? For now, yeah, I think so. Not that I won't be using it again, I surely will, but my obsession with it seems to be waning. It's thread is moving to a less prominent part of my mind. My mind works rather like a serial: one story is beginning, another is in full bloom, and one is ending at pretty much any given moment. Lots of overlap! There may be a Jens Pind or two still in me before it makes its way off-stage; I never know what will happen next.

But I do know that there is a very exciting new story line bubbling to the forefront of my mind; I can hardly wait to see what develops with this one! Stay tuned; same bat channel, same bat time . . . .

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