Wednesday, September 19, 2007

The more things change

Oh, yeah, the only constant is change. Yesterday morning, I thought I needed to make settings for two moonstones to go with the six Not Tao 3 links I had made on Monday. So I did. And I was really happy with them; all those Art Nouveau books I have been lugging home from the library lately seem to have seeped into my brain; I made up two very swirly Art Nouveau bezel settings and popped a pair of nearly matching moonstones into them. They look great with the links; good balance of weight, size, and style.

So why is this entry about change? Because the moonstone links are just too big to put two of them into a bracelet. The original plan was to alternate a mirrored pair of Not Tao 3 links with a moonstone, making a balanced bracelet with three chain sets and two moonstone links. But that would have left the moonstones either sitting awkwardly (and uncomfortably) on top of the wrist bones, or having one up and one down and a clasp on the side. Uh, no. Not pretty. Yeah, the bracelet looked great sitting on the bench, but it was not supposed to be a paperweight.

So it was time to let things change. Hmmmmm . . . if I make two more Not Tao 3 links and put one of the moonstones in the center . . . with four links on either side . . . oooh, yeah I like that. All it needed was a simple hook to hold it together. Between the weight of the links, and the size of the focal, I don't suspect there will be a lot of slippage.

. . . and the other moonstone setting? Remember that mosaic bracelet I want to make? Yeah, I think so. Unless it has other ideas.

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